While our latest ALTAIR EZ:2 and AIMEC:4 robots have a rudimentary self-learning system, our bigger vision (goal) is to produce self-teaching robots that can learn to perform tasks with the minimum of human programming and evaluate the best methods to help them interface with humans. Our robotic system starts with a base knowledge (human programmed concepts) but then the system attempts to learn new concepts by trial and error.

Much of current robotics development is by researchers giving robots step-by-step instructions for tasks and processes that it needs to perform. Our new system will teach concepts to itself instead of a human having to program them in the first place.

Our company is committed towards the development (and deployment) of cutting edge products and solutions in the following areas:
  • Machine vision systems (Face/Object recognition and eye tracking systems)
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions for more efficient human/machine speech interaction
  • Robotics/Artificial Intelligence
  • Emotion engines (to assist human/machine interactions)
  • Self-learning A.I. algorithms (extracting knowledge from central database, internet and human tutors)
  • Self-teaching A.I. algorithms (trial and error new concept learning)
  • Advanced Robotic sensors
  • Embedded systems (slave microcontroller nodes)