AIMEC Robots have been recently been in the news. Below are links to Television, Radio and articles from various newspapers and technical publications.
Video media
Object Recognition
Object Recognition and Vision Associative Memory demo on the EZ:1 robot. The EZ:1 robot is the robotic development platform for the forthcoming EZ:2 robot series that will be commercially available.
Ai associative memory
First we see the Ai core's associative memory working on video input level - this video shows the core making associations from seeing a recognised face.
AIMEC Robots sizzle from AMi
The AIMEC Robot sizzle for the July/August issue of Robot Magazine.

TV & Radio
Russian news coverage
Our first full scale robot development AIMEC:3 has been featured in the news. From printed media to TV and radio our robot has been shown to a Worldwide audience. AIMEC:3 has featured in TV shows from the UK to Russia.

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BBC TV South East
AIMEC:3 was filmed for the BBC South East Programme. The programme brings the latest news, sport, weather and features for the South East of England from the BBC.
BBC Radio Sussex
The AIMEC:3 robot was featured on the BBC Radio breakfast show, where it answered questions and read the sports results live on air!

ROBOT Magazine
Leading Edge Robot News
Reprinted from the July/August 2011 of Robot Magazine

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ROBOT Magazine
Leading Edge Robot News
Reprinted from the January/February 2011 issue (20) of Robot Magazine

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The Telegraph
British inventor creates robot companion
A British inventor has created a robot companion that can conduct conversations, play music and control household appliances.

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The Sun
Brit inventor's smart robot pal
A TOY maker has created a super-smart robot that can LEARN from the internet, crack JOKES and sing KARAOKE.

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El Mercurio Newspaper Chile
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